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A really great day’s photo training. Relaxed, good humoured, effortlessly catering to a whole range of experience and knowledge.

I would thoroughly recommend to anyone – beginners or old guys like me that have been taking photos for about 45 years.

Ashley is a really good trainer and enjoyable company. (Reviewed October 2020)

I attended the one day beginners photography course at Painshill Park. The course was delivered by Ashley in a friendly and professional manner and pitched at just the right level for a learner like me.
There is a good mix of classroom theory and also the chance to then try the theory in the beautiful grounds of the park. I feel that I have learnt very much to now build on as my photography improves.
I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to improve their skills get off of ‘Auto’. (Reviewed August 2020)

I attended a one day DSLR beginners course run by Ashley Gardner. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and Ashley was a friendly, patient and easy going teacher with a great sense of humour. I felt the day included the right amount of information for a beginner and included classroom sessions and then the opportunity to practise what we had learnt in the beautiful surroundings of Painshill Park. I am looking forward to improving enough to be able to take a more advanced course! (Reviewed July 2020)

I recently completed the Online Beginners Photography Diploma Course.

I had only used a point & shoot camera prior to this so f/numbers, shuuter speed, aperture and ISO were a foreign language. On the course I was able to study photography in much greater detail whilst having the support of my mentor Ashley. His support, knowledge and willingness to help was invaluable.

The online tests at the end of most modules check that you understood the module, mixed with practical modules working towards your final portfolio. You can work at your own pace so no pressure or deadlines.

I have finished this course with a much greater understanding and depth of knowledge of this fabulous subject.

It was an excellent course and would thoroughly recommend it.

(Reviewed May 2020)

This was a really excellent photographic course. Delivered in an easily understandable way which has really improved my photography.. (Reviewed March 2020)

The sessions were pitched at the right level for beginners, with time taken to address questions relating to the specific cameras belonging to individuals in the group. The small numbers allowed time for everyone to ask for help or advice according to their specific needs/interests.

Each session was backed up with very helpful reference notes sent on line.

There were two practical outdoor sessions which were extremely useful, putting the theory into practice, with guidance from Ashley. (Reviewed March 2020)

Excellent course which I can highly recommend to anyone thinking of taking up photography! (Reviewed March 2020)

Having just completed the 6 week course with Ashley, all I can say is do it.
Learnt so much, which I will no progress on to take much better photos than before I started and have so much more knowledge.
I’m already looking forward to doing the weekend course.
5* (Reviewed March 2020)

This is the second course I have completed at Imber Court and both have been excellent.
The weekend was well structured encompassing a wide variety of landscapes on our first day and seascapes on the sunday. The locations were well chosen and as always Ashley was an invaluable source of information with lots of support and advice.
Excellent value for money with lots of opportunities to quiz Ashley on all apsects of photography. Totally recommend the course. (Reviewed September 2019)

Great course, well presented by Ashley. A really nice mix of structured tuition, practice, just letting you get on with it and background photography advice. Small groups make for a good informal format and lots of fun with like-minded people. Pitched at just the right level too – an assumption that you know the basics but handled in such a way that you are not embarrassed to ask silly basic questions! (Reviewed September 2019)

Very enjoyable day – opened my eyes to how to control a camera rather than the camera controlling me, which it has done for the last 50 years in auto mode.
Ashley was patient, professional & personable.
(Reviewed July 2019)

Ashley somehow cleared away all the Jargon and mystery that seems to surround photography. I came away with a clear understanding of the basics and feel sure I can take much better pictures. Now to put it into practice. (Reviewed April 2019)

I competed the one day beginners course – present for my birthday! I learnt so much on Ashley’s course and gained a greater understanding of how to use my camera and what and why we use certain settings. Ashley is a lovely person to be in the company of and i felt the delivery of the course was fantastic. Would reccomend this to anyone wanting to get into photography and will be looking to attend more of Ashley’s courses in the future. Thank you Ashley! (Reviewed March 2019)

The course run by Ashley was well organised, and his approach was super friendly and his explanations of basic photography techniques was really clear. He fielded and answered questions from participants gladly. Would highly recommend this course for photography novices! (Reviewed March 2019)

I attended a one day beginners photography course and found it to be excellent. Both the in classroom teaching and the practical time outside were very helpful and informative. And the customer service throughout was brilliant. (Reviewed March 2019)

I had enjoyed taking photographs for many years however as with the majority of those who take photographs, I tended to use the automatic setting. This course revealed how other settings can be used to greatly enhance the quality of the photographs taken and hence the enjoyment to be derived from this activity.
The course was presented in a relaxed and highly supportive manner such that confidence quickly grew with each module. Ashley has a warm, friendly personality with the result that ones ignorance was never seen as a problem but simply a lack of understanding that could be easily overcome.
If I have a regret it is simply that I did not take up this course many years earlier. (Reviewed December 2018)

Ashley has been an excellent tutor, explaining and teaching the group I was in, in an informative way, that his obvious experience of photography allows him to do. He explained things in plain language, without dumbing down what he was teaching me. His lessons are delivered in a relaxed way and his patience and understanding is superb. He was able to explain some of the jargon used around photography and give me a base knowledge of using my camera other than in Auto mode. His home assignments cemented what we had learned during our lessons and his providing of training material was also extremely useful. I would thoroughly recommend this company and Ashley in particular to provide any photography training. I will definitely be looking to do a follow up course. (Reviewed December 2018)

The 6 week course was very thoroughly taught and assessed by Ashley.
The mix of student abilities were all catered for and everyone gained in confidence and understanding of the various settings of their cameras.
The projects were very helpful and everyone learned quickly how to avoid poor quality pics in a variety of situations.
The practical evening was a revelation, the skills and abilities we had gained were used to produce some fabulous results. The confidence gained from this course have resulted in the best photographs I have ever taken
Thoroughly recommend this training ! (Reviewed December 2018)

Excellent one day beginners course. I got exactly what I wanted out of the course and have a much greater understanding of all the necessary requirements to take a good picture. Ashley delivered the material in an interesting, informal and fun way. For anyone lacking confidence in the use of their SLR camera or for complete beginners like myself, this is the course for you. Enjoy! (Reviewed October 2018)

Ashley managed the mixed ability course well – balancing the needs of those with less experience and/or equipment with those who were more advanced and/or had more advanced cameras.

His knew his way around all types of camera to help each delegate make the most of the equipment they had before setting off to put the theory into practice.

At the end of the day there everybody has some additional knowledge or technique they could take away to help improve their photography. (Reviewed October 2018)

What an amazing day. Knowing barely anything about my DSLR camera I enrolled on this one day workshop.
Ashley immediately put everyone at ease and his depth of knowledge (and patience) was second to none.
The day was well structured and informative with lots of tips and information to help us achieve the best out of our cameras.
After a spell outside using our newly acquired skills I was delighted to capture a bird in flight.
The follow up notes were extensive so no need to take any.
Look forward to the follow-up course
Thank you Ashley
(Reviewed October 2018)

One of the best training courses I’ve ever been on. Super informative – the course packs in a lot of knowledge for the day – but also very clear. No one is left behind. (Reviewed October 2018)

Ashley is passionate and driven wanting everyone to succeed. A great host good environment with stimulating projects to complete. Ashley is very approachable on and after the course. I can highly recommend this company. (Reviewed October 2018)

A excellent course that helped me understand the basic use of a DSLR camera. Ashley was an excellent tutor. The pace of information just right and relaxed enough for all participants to get involved.
Handouts sent immediately via e-mail to support learning. I have no hesitation to recommend this course and will definitely attend more courses held by this buisness (Reviewed October 2018)

Ashley’s beginners course managed to dispel my belief that the auto function on my camera was the only function I could really understand. Using clear down to earth language it all makes sense and becomes achievable. Thanks to an excellent day I’m now inspired to go out and practice everything I learned. I would thoroughly recommend one of Ahleys courses for anyone that bought a camera only to feel overwhelmed by its potential or has forgotten everything they previously knew because the tuition was too brief or technical. Let Ashley come to your rescue! (Reviewed October 2018)

Great course learnt a lot and had a great day. (Reviewed October 2018)

Ashley makes everything very clear and simple. It is a very comfortable environment in which to ask any question. I came away feeling really enthusiastic about photography and determined to use all the information and advice from the day. (Reviewed October 2018)

Excellent friendly service. Level of teaching appropriate for course as advertised.
Venue allowed easy access to suitable location.Follow up documents all sent as promised.
Very happy to recommend this company to friends. (Reviewed June 2018)

The course was excellent and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Ashely’s explanations with diagrams and pictures were beautifully clear.
As a result the practical part of the course – taking pictures was great fun and successful. (Reviewed May 2018)

I was given this course as a gift from my wife. I could use my camera for basic use and mostly on auto function. After spending the day with Ashley, I left the course with a much better understanding of the functions/settings/capabilities of my camera. I have a new found confidence to use my camera more, now knowing how to properly set up a good shot.
Would highly recommend this course.
5* (Reviewed April 2018)

Really enjoyed this course, always used auto on my cameras never had the confidence to use things like the aperture, ISO, Shutter speeds and White balance. Ashley showed us in easy terms how to use these and is very knowledgeable. Can’t wait to practice more and then go on a further course with him. (Reviewed March 2018)

Beginners Photography Course – Ashley helped to inspire confidence in us. He explained everything to a level that we all understood. He Is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject. He was very giving with his knowledge and very patient. His presentation and handouts were easy to follow. He volunteered expert tips and hints and chose an excellent location for us to put all the learning into practice. He even brought bread for the birds so we could get some spectacular shots of seagulls flying. Ashley certainly went the extra mile for us. I would thoroughly recommend this course and I am looking forward to attending further courses of his. Fantastic way to spend my time with someone who makes learning easy. Excellent 5 star +++ (Reviewed March 2018)

A thoroughly enjoyable course that has given me the confidence and knowledge to switch off the automatic setting on my camera. I can now create images using the key functions of White Balance, ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture and Histograms and am having great fun. Thank you! (Reviewed March 2018)

This is one of the best decision I ever made for taking course.

After comprehensive 6 weeks lecture, I no longer use Auto mode in my camera.

Ashley is the best and so patient in teaching.

I will definitely recommend this course to my friends and family. (Reviewed March 2018)

The course was very thorough with a mixture of instruction and practical. I’ve learned so much about my camera and feel much more confident using it to get the images I want.
Ashley was so helpful and supportive. (Reviewed February 2018)

Very clear and well presented with a chance to practise thrown in. (Reviewed February 2018)

A really enjoyable basic photography training day from Ashley. Well paced and friendly. Ashley has a lovely personality and put everyone at ease. I have learned so much about my camera and look forward to being able to take better photos. (Reviewed February 2018)

In awe of Ashley’s knowledge of camera’s and his ability to demystify them to me. Although have had my Lumix for 2 years, had only used as a “point and shoot” on automatic settings. Ashley very patiently took me through all the settings and showed how to achieve the style of photos that I need for my business. Immense amount of knowledge to take in as was a one on one day course, but cannot fault anything about the day. Given my lack of empathy with technology, it was highly impressive that Ashley managed to explain without confusing me. Would highly recommend to anyone, but especially if you’re wanting to take your photography to the next level. Thank you Ashley for your patience. (Reviewed October 2017)

Having brought a digital camera and being new to photography, I took the beginners photography to find out how to use it and how to actually take a photo! Before I took the course, the camera scared me, all the buttons and different adjustments were quite daunting. Ashley was absolutely amazing, his knowledge on digital cameras is incredible and he taught me everything I needed to know in simple terms! I now feel confident in using my camera and cannot wait to get practising. Thank you Ashley! (Reviewed October 2017)

Ashley, the trainer, provides an excellent introduction to using your DSLR camera – no matter what make or model – and explains the basics for taking good photographs.
The course is friendly and fun, suitable for all ages and competencies and the support offered is ongoing.
I can thoroughly recommend this course if you want to understand and make the most of your camera. You will be very impressed at the improvement in your photography skills. (Reviewed October 2017)

Ashley provided a great day in teach us how to use all the controls on our cameras instead of the Auto function. He was clear and patient and made sure that everyone, no matter their ability, understood. The practical side was excellent and he spent time with each of us to ensure that we understood how to use the camera. I have been involved in training myself and Ashley’s approach is highly successful (Reviewed July 2017)

I had a lovely day learning to use my camera with Ashley. We were a group of various aged and ability students but the whole day was relaxed and informative. Ashley made sure we that we all understood what he had said and that we were able to put it into practice.
‘There is no such thing as a stupid question’ was the mantra for the day.
I would absolutely recommend the day. (Reviewed July 2017)

I was very much looking forward to the Photography holiday in the Spanish Mountains with Imber Court Photo Training and I was not disappointed. Nothing was too much trouble for Ashley. All the arrangements from the hotel to the minibus were excellent and Ashley was always on hand to ask for photography advice. I would definitely recommend Imber Court Photo Training to anyone who wants to learn how to take great shots and combine it with a wonderful holiday. (Reviewed May 2017)

Went on a 5 day photographic holiday to Northern Spain with Ashley and had the most fantastic time. From the initial booking, subsequent correspondences, flight with BA, the choice of hotel to the overall holiday experience, it was all 5 star. Nothing was too much trouble for Ashley in ensuring we all had the tuition we required and having a good time. Would certainly highly recommend this trip to anyone. Well done and thank you Ashley 🙂 (Reviewed May 2017)

Ashley worked very hard during the 5 days of the trip driving us around to some great locations to take photos of scenery and wildlife. He gave some great help about using and adjusting camera settings. The hotel he organised was very comfortable and the meals enormous. The flights with BA were fine. (Reviewed May 2017)

Excellent service. Thoroughly recommend. (Reviewed May 2017)

Ashley was an engaging and knowledgeable teacher and I came away from the course feeling inspired and eager to try out my new skills! Highly recommended. (Reviewed April 2017)

I attended the three day beginners course with Imber Court Photo Training, and I have to say it was absolutely fantastic! Ashley is wonderfully helpful and has extensive expertise when it comes to cameras. I am now officially a convert to using only aperture priority/shutter speed priority/manual. Want to learn what all this jargon means? Then I suggest you book a course with Imber Court! (Reviewed March 2017)

An excellent course combining just the right balance of practical with theoretical tutoring in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I now feel that I have a good understanding of my camera and the basic concepts of photography. It has instilled me with confidence to experiment and an enthusiasm that is driving me to learn more. Great course Ashley, can’t wait to do some more! (Reviewed March 2017)

A really enjoyable, informative course. Rather than ploughing through the user manual and trying to work out the endless buttons and sub menus, I’d advise everyone to take this course. Having someone show you and walk you through is a much more effective and enjoyable way to learn. The follow-up PDFs outlining what was covered the night before (Including practical tasks) were also very helpful.. (Reviewed March 2017)

This was the first time I had taken a night class, and I was very impressed at the level of care that was taken with each individual. I feel at long last I understand the functions of my camera. Thank you Ashley. I look forward to our next training session. (Reviewed March 2017)

This was an excellent course which exceeded my expectations. By the end of the course my understanding of my camera settings has given me the knowledge and confidence to move away from the automatic setting.
The mix of theory and practical helped to consolidate skills and knowledge. The locations for the practical sessions were also very motivational.
Ashley was very knowledgeable and explained concepts clearly. Being a small group also meant that there was time for everyone and a friendly, supportive environment. (Reviewed March 2017)

I attended a beginners’ photography course and it did what it said very well – ie gave me the confidence to move away from automatic mode. I learnt a quick and easy way to decide when to prioritise shutter speed and when aperture; how to make the necessary adjustments and understood the ‘theory’ behind it. The whole experience was really enjoyable. Ashley even made us tea! (Reviewed February 2017)

What an uplifting day! For an ancient old beginner like me, bewildered by most things digital, I came away knowing I had really learnt the essential basics of producing decent photographs – digital fear and AUTO now consigned to the bin! Ashley is the most excellent tutor, and explains the basics in plain English and an easily comprehended way – essential for absolute beginners – I really felt I understood the system and how it all worked and interacted. I can’t wait to get out and start practising yesterday’s lessons.

Apart from this, the day is enormous fun!! Numbers are small (there were only seven of us, so Ashley was able to give each of us individual attention when required), lots of humour and, as for me, I reckon the 1 day beginner’s course is enormous value for money! (Reviewed February 2017)

I attended one of their training courses and the level of service is the best value for money, professional and well delivered training I have ever received on any subject!So in summary I have no hesitation in recommending them and anyone considering them can definitely buy with confidence as they will receive an excellent service.

Reviewed 09-May-2016

The second day concentrated on coastal photography visiting sites such as Bosham and Selsey. In all the locations both of the trainers were constantly on hand to give help advice and constructive criticism.
The course concluded with a session in the studio downloading and processing some of the images taken on the course.The care taken in designing a programme such as this was apparent in the variety of locations and types of photographic opportunities provided for us on each day.In all an excellent two-day course that I would recommend to anyone who has mastered the basics of photography and wishes to take their interest to a higher level.

I can’t recommend this company more highly.

Thank you Ashley & Dave for your continuous support through my photography journey.I highly recommend Imber Court photography training. They truly know there stuff and are always welcoming, willing to help, give advice….with a cupa tea and a chat 🙂

It was very easy to ask questions in relation to my particular camera (Canon EOS 700D), anything that I didn’t understand or extra information that I needed – particularly within the small group of eight trainees on the course.Although we did go outside to put our knowledge into practice in the use of our cameras, the wet weather restricted this particular part of the course somewhat – but this was of course beyond Ashley’s control.The course has transformed my knowledge of the workings of my camera; it now remains for me to put into practice the knowledge that I have gained!I would highly recommend this course to any budding DSLR photographer!

I joined a course in Spain for the four day course held in the Picos do Europa. Since I live in Portugal the tutors made allowances for me not to travel with them but to meet up with them at the hotel. During the four days I learnt so much more. It was a very practical course and had obviously been planed well. Each day in the morning we were told what the objective of the day was. The tutors provided the transport and took us to some of the most spectacular areas. They gave us help with some of the techniques needed to capture different aspects of composition. The evenings were spent reviewing some of the days work. Opportunities for the students to discus what was good or needed to be changed. This is an excellent hands on student led course, where the tutors have prepared well and are there to help get more from the photographs you take. Highly recommended.Mentorship Course. For the past two years I have enrolled for the mentoring scheme run by this organisation, and have just signed up for a further year. These courses are provided by the tutor setting a project for one month. The information given is clear and some guidance is given on how to complete the project. After sending the photographs to the tutor I receive constructive feedback within one week. The projects have been many and varied and does make me go out and use my camera in a very different way. It has made me become much more focused and disciplined in when, where and how I take photographs. If I have any difficulty I know that the tutor is available by either telephone or email. For someone how knows how to use the camera, but still needs confidence in the use of the camera this is the course for them.

The course was so good that I booked another! Since the second course I have had so much support from Ashley and his team who can never give you enough time.I thoroughly recommend Ashley and his team who run courses from two sites making the choice greater. Ashley also runs courses abroad which I’m told are fantastic by other budding photographers who have been on them.I am now two years later, a fully fledged professional sports photographer with an agency which would never have happened without all the mentoring from Ashley, top bloke, great courses!

“Thanks again for an excellent holiday!

I had expected the Picos scenery to be truly spectacular and it most certainly was. I had also expected the Hotel Del Oso to make a very comfortable base for five nights. This was an excellent choice and again I certainly wasn’t disappointed…

What I hadn’t expected were the amazing lengths that both you and ‘young’ Dave (!) went to ensure that everyone was having a great time. Your kindness, humour and obvious passion for your art reflected great credit on you both, making it a truly outstanding holiday and ensuring that I will certainly be very keen to participate in future ICPT extravaganzas.”
Many thanks for your email and group photo – and huge thanks from both Ed and I for an unforgettable trip! We learned a huge amount about photography (although you might not think so looking at the attached shots), really enjoyed the company of the ‘picos pioneers’ and loved the locations, hotel etc. We are definitely up for another adventure when your blood pressure can stand the vagracies of weather, ferries, hairpin minibus drives and snoring!”
“Neither of you could have given us more. Long days, difficult driving, varying weather and the translation of ‘tapas’ in Spanish. Also trying to share out your levels of advice and instruction.The holiday more than met its objectives. A trip of this length concentrates the mind and you definitely learn more. It was also a ‘holiday’ – lovely villages, good company and scenery made it very relaxing.”

“Thanks very much for the last three days. It was a wonderful introduction to photography.  I wish it had gone on for a full week, not because of anything missing from the three days but just because I was enjoying every minute of it. You are an excellent tutor and the rest of the class were really pleasant as well and made it so relaxing and good fun.”

“The most enjoyable three days that I have experienced for a long time. Thank you.”

“Just a quick e-mail to thank you very much for the excellent course over the last few days. I enjoyed it very much, from the venue, company, and your expert teaching….not forgetting the delicious food. It all flowed very well. Thank you once again for your time and patience.”

“My second course and another very enjoyable experience. I recommend you to anyone interested in learning about photography.”

“Thank you for the great training course. I really thoroughly enjoyed it and have actually been out and taken some pretty good photo’s since, so I’m dead chuffed!”

“At last the world has stopped for a few moments and I have had the time to really digest all I learnt on my three day beginners course. I must say that you were brilliant and taught me in a way that ensured I was confident in my ability and safe to ask as many questions as I needed to without being made to feel inferior in any way thank you.”

“I would, and have, recommended this course to anyone who was interested in learning about the use of their camera. Cannot wait for the portrait course to come around. Thank you for three fantastic days training. ”

“Brilliant – I came away feeling confident I can now take some lovely pictures. Everything outlined in the course content was covered and I understood what was being taught. Ashley was very competent and very friendly and enthusiastic.”

“Hi Ashley and everyone, It was a pleasure to be with you all over the last 3 days and Ashley thanks so much for an excellent course. I came on the course with high expectations and they were exceeded!! The notes are very helpful and the feedback sheet will follow. Best wishes to all and happy snapping!”

“I really loved the course and felt I got an enormous amount out of it.  I loved spending the day at Painshill – so useful to try out all we had learnt.  I cannot believe how I have gained the confidence to get out and shoot. And, how much more I want to learn.  I feel totally motivated and inspired to learn more. I would love to do the lowlight course and the Photoshop one as I have now investigated that and I don’t think I will get there on my own! I would also be interested in doing a more advanced course at some time to move on when I have put into practise all I have learnt so far.  Thank you so much – it was a great 3 days!”

“It worked really well for me, explaining aperture, speed, ISO, depth of field etc which had all been a mystery for a lifetime.  Now feel competent to explore the features of my camera and develop my skills and reading the manual sort of makes sense (most of the time!). Appreciated the offer of contact with any queries that might come up in the future”.

“The course ran over three days and they were the most enjoyable three days I have had in a long time.  Ashley’s enthusiasm was infectious.  I was a total beginner with a digital SLR camera and Ash has given me the knowledge and confidence to progress. I would have liked the course to have continued. A photographic course I would recommend to all beginners. I would definitely attend another of Ash’s courses.”

“Ashley Gardner was the trainer.  He was brilliant.  He was extremely competent, proficient, motivated and enthusiastic.”

“The course covered everything that I wanted to know. I think it has given me a good basic knowledge and skills enabling me to make more effective use of my camera on a day-to-day basis, but it has also provided a good platform from which to continue to develop.”

“I was very nervous of taking the course – particularly as I did not have a big, fancy SLR camera. Ash was able to tailor the specifics to suit my more modest camera and experience. I liked the fact that there were only five people on the course; Ash was able to give everybody individual attention as and when they needed it. I feel really motivated to try to take better pictures, now. I will recommend this course to my friends.”

“Ashley scored high in all the above. With his teaching skills as well as his knowledge of photography and understanding of the various cameras produced by the class, we all felt our needs were well looked after. The various settings on our cameras were explained in such a way throughout the course that even the most basic photographer like me will abandon the “auto settings” for life!”

“10 out of 10! We had great fun in class and on our field trips ; Painshill Park was beautiful and offered lots of fantastic photo opportunities  I have now a much better understanding of my camera and come to understand what a fantastic tool it really is. I am left with a very positive experience that will encourage me to work on my photography skills in the future.”

“I just want to say a huge Thank You to Ashley and looking forward to the next course!!”