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I attended one of their training courses and the level of service is the best value for money, professional and well delivered training I have ever received on any subject!So in summary I have no hesitation in recommending them and anyone considering them can definitely buy with confidence as they will receive an excellent service.

Reviewed 09-May-2016

The second day concentrated on coastal photography visiting sites such as Bosham and Selsey. In all the locations both of the trainers were constantly on hand to give help advice and constructive criticism.
The course concluded with a session in the studio downloading and processing some of the images taken on the course.The care taken in designing a programme such as this was apparent in the variety of locations and types of photographic opportunities provided for us on each day.In all an excellent two-day course that I would recommend to anyone who has mastered the basics of photography and wishes to take their interest to a higher level.

I can’t recommend this company more highly.

Thank you Ashley & Dave for your continuous support through my photography journey.I highly recommend Imber Court photography training. They truly know there stuff and are always welcoming, willing to help, give advice….with a cupa tea and a chat 🙂

It was very easy to ask questions in relation to my particular camera (Canon EOS 700D), anything that I didn’t understand or extra information that I needed – particularly within the small group of eight trainees on the course.Although we did go outside to put our knowledge into practice in the use of our cameras, the wet weather restricted this particular part of the course somewhat – but this was of course beyond Ashley’s control.The course has transformed my knowledge of the workings of my camera; it now remains for me to put into practice the knowledge that I have gained!I would highly recommend this course to any budding DSLR photographer!

I joined a course in Spain for the four day course held in the Picos do Europa. Since I live in Portugal the tutors made allowances for me not to travel with them but to meet up with them at the hotel. During the four days I learnt so much more. It was a very practical course and had obviously been planed well. Each day in the morning we were told what the objective of the day was. The tutors provided the transport and took us to some of the most spectacular areas. They gave us help with some of the techniques needed to capture different aspects of composition. The evenings were spent reviewing some of the days work. Opportunities for the students to discus what was good or needed to be changed. This is an excellent hands on student led course, where the tutors have prepared well and are there to help get more from the photographs you take. Highly recommended.Mentorship Course. For the past two years I have enrolled for the mentoring scheme run by this organisation, and have just signed up for a further year. These courses are provided by the tutor setting a project for one month. The information given is clear and some guidance is given on how to complete the project. After sending the photographs to the tutor I receive constructive feedback within one week. The projects have been many and varied and does make me go out and use my camera in a very different way. It has made me become much more focused and disciplined in when, where and how I take photographs. If I have any difficulty I know that the tutor is available by either telephone or email. For someone how knows how to use the camera, but still needs confidence in the use of the camera this is the course for them.

The course was so good that I booked another! Since the second course I have had so much support from Ashley and his team who can never give you enough time.I thoroughly recommend Ashley and his team who run courses from two sites making the choice greater. Ashley also runs courses abroad which I’m told are fantastic by other budding photographers who have been on them.I am now two years later, a fully fledged professional sports photographer with an agency which would never have happened without all the mentoring from Ashley, top bloke, great courses!

“Thanks again for an excellent holiday!

I had expected the Picos scenery to be truly spectacular and it most certainly was. I had also expected the Hotel Del Oso to make a very comfortable base for five nights. This was an excellent choice and again I certainly wasn’t disappointed…

What I hadn’t expected were the amazing lengths that both you and ‘young’ Dave (!) went to ensure that everyone was having a great time. Your kindness, humour and obvious passion for your art reflected great credit on you both, making it a truly outstanding holiday and ensuring that I will certainly be very keen to participate in future ICPT extravaganzas.”
Many thanks for your email and group photo – and huge thanks from both Ed and I for an unforgettable trip! We learned a huge amount about photography (although you might not think so looking at the attached shots), really enjoyed the company of the ‘picos pioneers’ and loved the locations, hotel etc. We are definitely up for another adventure when your blood pressure can stand the vagracies of weather, ferries, hairpin minibus drives and snoring!”
“Neither of you could have given us more. Long days, difficult driving, varying weather and the translation of ‘tapas’ in Spanish. Also trying to share out your levels of advice and instruction.The holiday more than met its objectives. A trip of this length concentrates the mind and you definitely learn more. It was also a ‘holiday’ – lovely villages, good company and scenery made it very relaxing.”

“Thanks very much for the last three days. It was a wonderful introduction to photography.  I wish it had gone on for a full week, not because of anything missing from the three days but just because I was enjoying every minute of it. You are an excellent tutor and the rest of the class were really pleasant as well and made it so relaxing and good fun.”

“The most enjoyable three days that I have experienced for a long time. Thank you.”

“Just a quick e-mail to thank you very much for the excellent course over the last few days. I enjoyed it very much, from the venue, company, and your expert teaching….not forgetting the delicious food. It all flowed very well. Thank you once again for your time and patience.”

“My second course and another very enjoyable experience. I recommend you to anyone interested in learning about photography.”

“Thank you for the great training course. I really thoroughly enjoyed it and have actually been out and taken some pretty good photo’s since, so I’m dead chuffed!”

“At last the world has stopped for a few moments and I have had the time to really digest all I learnt on my three day beginners course. I must say that you were brilliant and taught me in a way that ensured I was confident in my ability and safe to ask as many questions as I needed to without being made to feel inferior in any way thank you.”

“I would, and have, recommended this course to anyone who was interested in learning about the use of their camera. Cannot wait for the portrait course to come around. Thank you for three fantastic days training. ”

“Brilliant – I came away feeling confident I can now take some lovely pictures. Everything outlined in the course content was covered and I understood what was being taught. Ashley was very competent and very friendly and enthusiastic.”

“Hi Ashley and everyone, It was a pleasure to be with you all over the last 3 days and Ashley thanks so much for an excellent course. I came on the course with high expectations and they were exceeded!! The notes are very helpful and the feedback sheet will follow. Best wishes to all and happy snapping!”

“I really loved the course and felt I got an enormous amount out of it.  I loved spending the day at Painshill – so useful to try out all we had learnt.  I cannot believe how I have gained the confidence to get out and shoot. And, how much more I want to learn.  I feel totally motivated and inspired to learn more. I would love to do the lowlight course and the Photoshop one as I have now investigated that and I don’t think I will get there on my own! I would also be interested in doing a more advanced course at some time to move on when I have put into practise all I have learnt so far.  Thank you so much – it was a great 3 days!”

“It worked really well for me, explaining aperture, speed, ISO, depth of field etc which had all been a mystery for a lifetime.  Now feel competent to explore the features of my camera and develop my skills and reading the manual sort of makes sense (most of the time!). Appreciated the offer of contact with any queries that might come up in the future”.

“The course ran over three days and they were the most enjoyable three days I have had in a long time.  Ashley’s enthusiasm was infectious.  I was a total beginner with a digital SLR camera and Ash has given me the knowledge and confidence to progress. I would have liked the course to have continued. A photographic course I would recommend to all beginners. I would definitely attend another of Ash’s courses.”

“Ashley Gardner was the trainer.  He was brilliant.  He was extremely competent, proficient, motivated and enthusiastic.”

“The course covered everything that I wanted to know. I think it has given me a good basic knowledge and skills enabling me to make more effective use of my camera on a day-to-day basis, but it has also provided a good platform from which to continue to develop.”

“I was very nervous of taking the course – particularly as I did not have a big, fancy SLR camera. Ash was able to tailor the specifics to suit my more modest camera and experience. I liked the fact that there were only five people on the course; Ash was able to give everybody individual attention as and when they needed it. I feel really motivated to try to take better pictures, now. I will recommend this course to my friends.”

“Ashley scored high in all the above. With his teaching skills as well as his knowledge of photography and understanding of the various cameras produced by the class, we all felt our needs were well looked after. The various settings on our cameras were explained in such a way throughout the course that even the most basic photographer like me will abandon the “auto settings” for life!”

“10 out of 10! We had great fun in class and on our field trips ; Painshill Park was beautiful and offered lots of fantastic photo opportunities  I have now a much better understanding of my camera and come to understand what a fantastic tool it really is. I am left with a very positive experience that will encourage me to work on my photography skills in the future.”

“I just want to say a huge Thank You to Ashley and looking forward to the next course!!”