Photography Evening Classes 6 Weeks Chichester Harbour


Beginners-1-Day-214x300Our photography evening classes at  Chichester Yacht Club are a great way to learn all you need to get away from using the ‘auto’ settings on your camera. The classes are delivered in a relaxed and friendly environment by our professional trainers who deliver the course in plain English and will inspire you to become a much better photographer.  You will learn about all the relevant camera settings and how to use them in various scenarios. You will also learn how to download, edit and prepare your images for printing.





Thursday 7th for six consecutive Thursday Evenings

7.15pm to 9.30pm



Ashley Gardner


Chichester Yacht Club, Chichester Marina  

A digital SLR camera, mirror less camera and  some ‘Bridge’ cameras. A tripod if you own one.

No previous knowledge required for this course.





We will start by looking at the important settings on your camera and concentrate on how to freeze movement by proper control of the shutter speed, and then guide you through the effect the aperture has on our images. We will also look at white balance, exposure compensation, metering and ISO settings. After each session you will be set a small task to complete during the week to practice what we have discussed during the evening.

Time will be spent discussing the methods used for downloading our images to a computer and some of the basic electronic enhancements we can make to our images prior to printing using image editing software.

Portrait photography, Landscape Photography and Low Light Photography will also be covered with a practical low light session in Chichester Marina on the last evening.



  • How a DSLR & Bridge camera work
  • The effects of shutter speed and aperture
  • How to find and adjust the six important controls on your camera
  • Practical Outside


  • Recap on week 1
  • How to use shutter speed to freeze and show movement in our images
  • How to use ISO
  • The effects of selecting our white balance
  • Exposure compensation and the histogram
  • Practical Outside


  • Recap on week 2
  • Aperture, f numbers and depth of field explained
  • Using apertures to create a shallow depth of field (blurring the background)
  • Using apertures to create a large depth of field (everything sharp from foreground to infinity)
  • Practical Outside


  • Recap on week 3
  • Using filters to improve our images
  • Landscape photography (How to capture great landscape images)
  • Composition of a photograph


  • Recap on week 4
  • Photographing people
  • Flash built in and off camera
  • Using reflectors to light our subject
  • Downloading, editing, printing and cataloguing our images


  • Practical session.

At the conclusion of the classes you will have achieved a good standard of basic photographic knowledge. You will be confident of capturing good quality images in a variety of situations and be able to use the camera settings to achieve this. You will also have attained the knowledge to download, enhance and prepare your digital images for printing. You will now have reached a level where you will be able to progress your photographic skills.


Feedback from earlier this year:

How effective were the pre-course instructions with regard to:-course information course content timings etc.?

Very well informed

How well organised was the course in terms of administration equipment and planning?

Very good

How competent, proficient, motivated and enthusiastic were the trainers?

Ashley made us feel very welcome and had time for us not just as a group but as individuals , he also kept the class a little light hearted which is good when you are out of your comfort zone , he also explained things clearly and in a way for you to understand i.e. not to heavy on the tech jargon .

How well did the course meet its stated aims and objectives?

Very well , I joined the class with very limited knowledge and i now feel confident enough to take photographs manually , farewell auto button .

With regard to your personal expectations, how would you rate the course, were the appropriate subjects covered and did the depth of coverage meet your needs at your present stage of learning?

I would highly recommend this course for beginners , it covers exactly what one needs to progress further .

Was the accommodation used suitable for the purpose in relation to temperature, seating, lighting and toilets?

with the weather cold as it is we were very comfortable in class and Ashley makes a cracking cup of tea !!

Please use the box below for any other comments you may have regarding your recent training?

After years of pushing the auto button I’m glad I finally took this course as I now feel confident with my camera and its a nice way to meet other people as well as learn something , I shall never look through a lens the same anymore , thank you Imber Court .


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